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Johnny Rock Page is consistantly infusing his brands famous inspiring slogan, “DREAM BIG ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE,” handing out tens of thousands of these now sought after bracelets throughout America, on and off the race track. "The biggest thrill on top of the great synergistic energy between me and the incredible people I have crossed paths with over the years has been the one-on-one stories as to how wearing the DBAIP bracelet has and continues to inspire. We all love, appreciate and need daily positivity and I am thrilled to help keep the attitude of America great!"    The Johnny Rock Page brand maintains the attention of America’s premiere racing organization. J“I love America, and the incredible freedoms and liberties that make America awesome! Throughout the 2016 campaign, I am driven from within as an 'independent' doing my best each day and planning on being America’s next Presidential leader. Overcoming age adversity, and qualifying in 2007 for the elite grid by one tenth of second changed my life. I became a Pro Superbike racer at the age of 38 and I was now racing with Americas top athletic Superbike motorcycle racers. I suddenly found myself living the dream by becoming the Man on the poster. There is a great movie named 'One Tenth of a Second' that transpired from what was supposed to be a reality TV show, instead Kurt Kubicek a film Director built a full length two hour Bio film masterfully editing segments of my life along with testimonials. The Producer of the highly successful movie 'Catch Me if You Can' lead role played by incredible Actor Leonardo DiCaprio produced by Michael Shane inspired me one evening when he watched a two minute sizzle reel that was on my iPad prior to going out one evening of what was supposed to be a reality TV show. After Michael Shane watched the sizzle reel he proclaimed and rated it as a '10' and confidently said forget reality TV this movie will be a huge hit, this is real life and Shane assured me that it’s exactly what America and audiences are craving, real life stories! Years later I handed over all the Tera bytes of shelved realty TV footage to Kurt Kubicek. A special thank you to Michael Shane for inspiring me to get into the movie business explaining to me that he teamed up with Producer Steve Spielberg eventually created a great movie after several years of not giving up! DREAM BIG ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!"

Full Throttle,

Johnny Rock Page